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    Leading Company

    About Pressured Air




    RUUT BLOWER has a good reputation for

    its design and production process

  • RUUT BLOWER Has A Wide Range

    of Market In Turkey


    RUUT BLOWER types that became the main subject of

    our production line are highly demanded as high flow low pressure in

    air and vacuum application areas by a very wide market as from daily life to industry.

  • We Are An ISO 9001

    Certified Company


    We aim to give the great customer service with our 23 years of experience.

Right Product
We provide the service for choosing the right product when it is needed as well as providing pre-sales technical information support to prevent from any problems may occur on poorly chosen products.
Right Time
We make sure the loading and delivery will be made on time for our customers. With our inventories of large variety of products, we are able to eliminate the timing problems as well.
Right Service
We are able to extend the life of the products both with our post-sale maintenance services and variety of  spare parts availability.


H Series Blower

• Air Flow: Max. 8200mᶾ/h   • Pressure: Max. 1000 mbar g   • Vacuum: Max. -500 mbar g

Q Series Blower

• Flow: Max.6200 mᶾ/h  • Pressure: Max. 1000 mbar g   • Vacuum: Max. -920 mbar g

N Series Blower

• Air Flow: Max. 700mᶾ/h   • Pressure: Max. 1000 mbar g   • Vacuum: Max. -500 mbar g